What Are Shemales?

If you’re wondering what Shemales are, you’ve come to the right place. Transgender women who aren’t undergone gender reassignment surgery, they’re commonly known as “shemales.” Despite their name, shemales are transsexuals with penis and augmented breasts. They’re frequently seen in porno films and pornstars’ sex scenes. Shemales are transsexuals Shemales are transsexuals. They are born… Continue reading What Are Shemales?

Straight Men and Shemale Porn

There are many reasons why straight men love shemale porn. Women don’t give much thought to their looks, and men are drawn to them. The enviable bodies of shemales have straight men attracted to them. But it isn’t just the bodies that attract them; the way they dress and groom themselves also appeals to men’s… Continue reading Straight Men and Shemale Porn

Shemales in Lebanon

Shemales, or transsexual women with male genitalia and female breasts, are often referred to as’shemales’ in informal circles. Some transgender people find this term offensive, as it emphasizes a transsexual woman’s biological sex and implies she’s a sex trader. Regardless of the underlying meaning, shemale porn is an extremely popular form of sex content. Transgender… Continue reading Shemales in Lebanon

What Makes Shemale Porn So Special?

What makes shemale porn so special? Transgender women and transgender men have different interests and sexual orientations, but one thing they have in common is their obsession with dirty sex. It may be because transsexuals crave dirty sex, but if it were just a matter of sexual preference, you wouldn’t be here right now. If… Continue reading What Makes Shemale Porn So Special?

The Difference Between Tranny and Shemales

Tranny, or transsexual, is the name for a woman who is transgender. While the term can be used to describe any transsexual, the term can also apply to all other transgender, cross-dressing, or transgender people. Hasa has a BA degree in English and is currently studying for her Masters. She enjoys reading, languages, and food,… Continue reading The Difference Between Tranny and Shemales

Shemales in Thailand

Although trans women are often referred to as “shemales,” the term is also used to refer to pre-op transwomen and transgender people working in the sex industry. Shemale is an insulting term because it implies that these people have male genitals but secondary sex characteristics. The term has also been used in academic contexts, where… Continue reading Shemales in Thailand

Shemale Porn – Why Men Love Watching Shemale Porn Videos

Transgender people are often called shemales, a term which is utterly offensive and derogatory. It is a misnomer because it does not reflect the actual gender of transgender people. Instead, shemale porn contributes to the dehumanization and sexual objectification of transgender people. As transgender women themselves, we would like to dispel this misperception and call… Continue reading Shemale Porn – Why Men Love Watching Shemale Porn Videos

Shemales in Pornography

In the past, the term “shemale” was used in the sex industry and in reference to transgender women who are part man and part woman. While this term is offensive to transgender people, it has been used by biologists and activists to describe male non-human animals with female traits. This term is derived from the… Continue reading Shemales in Pornography

Shemales – What is a Shemale?

The term “shemale” was first used in the mid-19th century as a humorous colloquialism for females. It was also used to describe male-to-female transsexuals without genital surgery. While the term is now derogatory and often used in a sexist way, it is a lingering sex term that has survived the years. The word’s controversial history… Continue reading Shemales – What is a Shemale?

Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures

Shemale porn is the most popular form of adult porn that features transsexual women with huge cocks. Although real women don’t give much attention to appearance, they do love the idea of being pampered in a man’s fantasies. They spend a lot of money to get their bodies as good as shemales. The videos are… Continue reading Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures